8 technology towards a deep ecology of art, architecture and being

research project of goldsmiths, university of london




what is


what is

deep ecology

what is

a tea ceremony

what is

a zen garden

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8 technology  a.k.a. ecosophy a.k.a. 8

brings together particular ideas from science, digital technology, philosophy, architecture and art to facilitate sublime works that shed light on our contemporary ecology and being.

this site is both ‘art ‘ and ‘information’ in that it can tell you about what 8 does, at the same time it is created and tended near daily, in a deliberate, ritualised process of re-construction and re-creation, according to mood, season, context,

  1. -a durational work without duration -

a ‘technology’ of the every day,

towards a poor technology,

in the manner of a daily tea ceremony or tending of a zen garden, for your pleasure...

each page is unique: constructed with minor compositional variation.

spot the deliberate imperfections...

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director: raphael jay adjani

a.k.a. ajaykumar

primary associate: sian ni mhuiri

view via the sublime filmic        work, 
version for the internet: 
view the 8 film: zero = every day?film__zero_%3D_every_day/Entries/2010/9/20_zero_%3D_every_day.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_2_link_0

8 thanks the many creative and technical staff at apple, especially at its stores in covent garden and regent street for its support of 8 projects

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