8 technology towards a deep ecology of art, architecture and being

research project of goldsmiths, university of london   


4D - a tea ceremony

inter-active and immersive installation

accidental festival


lavender hill, clapham, london, u.k.


30 may, 2010

festival day pass: £12 (£10 concessions)

box office: 020 7223 2223

‘4D – a tea ceremony’ is a multi-sensory, multiple media, immersive and interactive experience, an exposition of the art research of 8 and ajaykumar, inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, known as sado.

this is be an opportunity to view and experience the work of ‘8’ through an installation of film, performance and ritual. using technologies of the everyday and responding to atmospheres of the site, 4D - a tea ceremony will create a space of profound interaction and ‘artless’ conviviality.

the accidental festival is a showcase of new theatre, live art,

dance and visual art

‘4D – a tea ceremony’ has been undertaken also at:

goldsmiths, university of london

london, u.k.,

3 march, 2010, 19.30-20.30

4D reviews and details at facebook

conception and direction



ajaykumar, daniel somerville, gudmundur ingi thorvaldson,

matthew beard, nicole dimitrakopoulou, 

satomi mihira, valeria tello giusti, wirachai daochai


sian ni mhuiri

moving image

ajaykumar, akiko ban, daniel somerville, takashi nishida,


jemima yong, jonathan michael may, ravi juneja 


ajaykumar, daniel somerville, sian ni mhuiri


ajaykumar, joey draycott, rob palmer, takashi nishida,

sound engineering

gareth jenkinson

director: raphael jay adjani

a.k.a. ajaykumar

primary associate: sian ni mhuiri

8 technology  a.k.a. ecosophy a.k.a. 8

brings together particular ideas from science, digital technology, philosophy, architecture and art to facilitate sublime works that shed light on our contemporary ecology and being.

this site is both ‘art ‘ and ‘information’ in that it can tell you about what 8 does, at the same time it is created and tended near daily, in a deliberate, ritualised process of re-construction and re-creation, according to mood, season, context,

  1. -a durational work without duration -

a ‘technology’ of the every day,

towards a poor technology,

in the manner of a daily tea ceremony or tending of a zen garden, for your pleasure...

each page is unique: constructed with minor compositional variation.

spot the deliberate imperfections...

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